Sunday, June 3, 2007

Some Tips To Solve Problems in New Blogger

I encounter problems with New Blogger quite often. Among the problems I ever had are weird looks in my Dashboard or “create post” template, cannot publish any posting, cannot upload pictures / images in a post, cannot add new page element as the “Add a Page Element” buttons in the “Layout” disappear, cannot edit the existing page element, cannot publish or save a long post, etc.

When you also face such problem with Blogger, you can try the following tips first. These are some tips I came across from the Blogger Forum when I was searching the solution for my problems. Probably one of these tips can save your day. :)

This is particularly when you encounter a weird look on your Dashboard once you log in.

Before doing this, log out from your Blogger first. In case you have no clue how to clear cache and cookies, here are the steps.

Just sharing my experience. There was one time I encountered problem with Blogger whereby I could not publish or save my post. Even worse, after that I couldn’t log out too. So I just closed the window. When I tried to log in again, I couldn’t even get logged in.
However, after I clear the cache and cookies, I could log in again.

Other than clearing cache and cookies, this is also one solution I always try when I could not add new page element, as the “Add a Page Element” widgets in the Layout are missing.

Here is what I usually do:
Log out from Blogger first, then disable the pop-up blocker function as well as clear cache & cookies. Log in again. (If it still doesn’t work, try to restart your computer).

However, most of the time, for me, this problem can be solved by simply changing the browser from Windows Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox (See the next point - no 4).

If you’re using Windows Internet Explorer (IE), try to use Mozilla Firefox (FF), or vice versa.
Sometimes, this simple solution works for me too. Some problems I encounter in Blogger, such as missing “Add a Page Element” widgets in the Layout problem, or cannot upload pictures / images, can simply be solved by changing the browser from Windows Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox.

I personally find that for blogging using Blogger, I face more problems / errors when I am using Internet Explorer as the browser than when I am using Firefox.

In case you don’t have Mozilla Fire Fox browser yet, find the Fire Fox button at the sidebar of this blog. You can download and install the Fire Fox absolutely FOR FREE from there.

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