Thursday, May 31, 2007

How To Label A Post And Add A Label Widget (Create Categories) At The Side Bar In New Blogger

Categories or Tags are called LABELS in new Blogger. Labels are important keywords which describe what your post is all about. Labels are normally shown below the post. To make your blog more reader-friendly, add a Label Widget in the sidebar which allows the viewers to instantly locate the posts that are relevant to his topic of interest. By clicking on a label below a post or in the Label Widget at the sidebar, the readers will be able to see all the posts with that label.

How To Label A Post

When you are writing a post, you will see "Labels for this post” at the bottom of the form. Enter any labels relevant to your post and separate them with commas. You can also click the "Show All" link to display all labels you have used previously. Then just click on the labels in the list to add them as the label of your current post.
After you publish the post, you can find the labels below that post.

How To Create A Label Widget At The Side Bar

1. From Dashboard, click Manage “Layout” link, then it will bring you to “Template” >> “Page Element” tab.

2. In the “Page Element” tab, click “Add A Page Element” of the sidebar. A new window that shows a variety of elements will pop up. Select “Labels” option and click “Add to Blog” button.

3. “Configure Labels” window will then appear on the screen. Write an appropriate title for the labels and select the sorting style of your preference (alphabetically or by frequency). Then click “Save Changes” button.

4. Click “View Blog” button to view your blog with category / label list at the sidebar. Congratulation! Now you have successfully created a category / label list at the sidebar of your blog. :)

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